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Discover how you can release past patterns that may be holding you back from a happy abundant life.
Learn powerful, life enhancing tools that will clear karma from your lineage in this and Past Lives.
Begin the healing process that becomes a Win-Win situation as you heal, your lineage receives the gift of healing.

Rev. Cathi Burke guides us on an adventure that will help you to release all that you have carried from your family lineage in this and all past lives. As you heal, they heal. This is a perfect way to complete contracts that you made before birth.

It is time now to release contracts and karma in this powerful LIVE WORKSHOP. You will learn how to energetically release yourself and the karma of your lineage in 30 days. 

A few simple, daily practices with guide you through the experience. You are worthy of living without the energy bonds of family patterns.

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Become more of who you truly are as layers of old, stagnant energies are lifted. Greater clarity results.